December 9, 2016 Wishlist - Ceramics

Cover Image: Tactile Matter

Okay, so we might be a bit late to make it onto your Christmas shopping list (sorry) but, we’ve compiled our favourite ceramic pieces if not to give you some gift giving ideas then to give you a dose of design inspo. From Australia and Japan, to right here in our hometown, Vancouver, there is truly no shortage of unique and special ceramic creations to lust after. Right now we’re coveting wabi-sabi dishware, elegant vases, quirky objets and anything speckled.



Maggie Boyd


Madriguera Workshop




Janaki Larsen


 Kati Von Lehman


Bean and Bailey


Bridget Bodenham


Rami Kim


La Petite Fabrique De Brunswick


Sophie Moran


Honeycomb Studio


Kabin Shop


Laura Letinsky


Sachie Hashimoto


Eleonor Bostrom


Dot & Co.