January 24, 2017 Staff Feature - Sam

Meet Sam, Truvelle's assistant designer and sales manager :


How did you get into bridal?
After attending University for Fashion Design I fully intended to take a gap year and just travel. By chance, my friend Jenn was having her wedding dress made by Gaby and her mom at the custom dress shop they used to own, Ellebay Bridal. Gaby happened to be holding interviews for interns and Jenn encouraged me to go for it. 4 years later, here we are!

Can you tell us a bit about your design process?
We start by picking out new fabrics. A lot of the inspiration comes from which new fabrics are released that year. Every designer at Truvelle has a unique eye for fabrics. We try to pick things that are unconventional or not typically chosen for bridal. From there colour stories start to form — that’s my favourite part. I love taking colour inspiration from seasons, cool travel destinations and current fashion trends. Truvelle has a distinct look so I definitely try to keep to our roots while still re-inventing and trying to fill the gap of pieces that might be missing.
A peek at Sam's fabric selections.


What is the best part of working for Truvelle?
I love the startup aspect and growing with the company. Everyone has a fair chance to try out a department they are interested in as long as they work hard. With big companies you don't get that experience without a impressive resume coming in. We’re all young people that believe strongly in this company — which is what makes it so successful. Seeing us move from 4 people to almost 30 so quickly was unbelievable.

What is your best​ Truvelle memory?
My first time at NY Bridal Market we somehow weaselled our way into attending The Knot Gala and played "faux rich". We danced and sipped free champagne all night!

Which is your favourite dress?
I am constantly picking a new favourite but right now I am crushing on the Hamilton. She looks so good on everyone! And the water resistant lace.. I mean, c'mon! I know you have never heard of a wedding dress like that before!

How would you style it?
Right now I am super into quartz crystal headpieces and combs. As for jewellery, I love stacking bracelets and rings. I personally own almost all of our pieces by Catherine Hartley and will never get over how beautiful they are. Even though they are meant for weddings, I wear them as everyday pieces. For the shoes, I would go for blush, crushed velvet pumps, because you gotta get some pink in there somewhere ;) For florals I love greenery with not too many colours — eucalyptus is my favourite.
Dress: Hamilton, Rings: Jura Ring, Catherine Hartley x Truvelle, Shoes: lulus.com, Hair comb: Etsy, Cuff: Pascal, Catherine Hartley x Truvelle.

What are some of your favourite things?
I'm a homebody most of the time — I like my bed, face masks, skincare and bath bombs from Lush. Basically all things to do with relaxing and pampering.

What is one thing in your closet you wear the most often?
High-waisted jeans and knit sweaters (usually turtleneck). I'm a simple gal!

Current tv show binge watching?
My boyfriend and I recently fell into a dark hole of re-watching the entire Breaking Bad series - hands down best show of all time! We also love binging on all the Bachelor/Bachelorette shows. It is just way too entertaining!

Your drink of choice?
London Fogs + California Chromes from The Diamond in Gastown (Truvelle's original hood), It has poached peach, grapefruit and bourbon - mmmm :)