April 13, 2017 Staff Feature - Kyra

Meet Kyra, quality control assistant supreme:

What do you do at Truvelle?
Quality control. Our 4 person department is responsible for keeping track of all the dresses in their various stages (i.e lots of Excel spreadsheets), and ensuring every gown reaches brand standards. This includes measurements/fit, the quality of sewing, and the condition of the fabrics.

What is the best part of your job?
Definitely the people and the atmosphere. I've always been the type that needs a friendly & positive work environment in order to be happy at my job. Apart from that (since I think it's a well known fact about Truvelle), it's exciting to be part of a young company that's rapidly growing.

What do you like do on the weekends and in your spare time?
Hang out with friends and my boyfriend. I have to admit, our plans usually revolve around food. We take turns cooking for each other, and are often out trying new restaurants or hitting up our favourite spots. Apart from that, I'm usually working on my jewelry line, Everlay, which I cofounded with a friend fairly recently.

Who is the Everlay girl?
The Everlay girl is actually inspired by our best friends in Vancouver—the young, fun-loving, West Coast girl who doesn't try too hard. She's effortless, adventurous, and wants simple but trendy jewelry to wear everyday, whether that means a night out or a trip to the beach.

The Belize ring & the Thea Horn necklace by Everlay

How do you balance working at Truvelle and running your own business?
My partner Alex and I started Everlay Jewelry less than a year ago—when I was still in school, working part-time, and completing an internship—so having a consistent 9-5 actually makes it easier to keep a routine and manage my time. I remind myself to think of Everlay as exciting and constantly presenting new challenges (in a good way), so I never dread "working" weeknights or Saturdays.

Favourite Truvelle dress?
Currently loving the Carrall from the 2017 collection.

How would you style it?
I'd keep it simple. I'd style it with loose, tousled waves, a delicate gold necklace and bracelets, and strappy, open-toe sandals.

Dress: Carrall, Necklace: Lumen Necklace by J. Hannah, Bracelets: Gold Thread Bangle Bracelets by Low.co, Shoes: Enida by Shultz.

A breakfast of champions is..
Mimosas & a salmon benny.

What’s your favourite kind of day?
A Saturday with no alarms set. A tasty breakfast to start, then some kind of chill activity like a beach day or an easy hike. Ending the day with takeout pizza and a movie on the couch.

Favourite eating spot in Vancouver?
It’s so tough to narrow it down to one. The Mackenzie Room for great cocktails and an ever-changing menu that's always impressive. Les Faux Bourgeois for classic French food & wine.

Three things you can’t live without?
Cheese, Chapstick, and my friends.


For more of Everlay's designs check em out online, or in person at the Truvelle Flagship's Accessories Trunk Show.