November 8, 2016 Staff Feature - Annie

Meet Annie, Truvelle's Studio Manager


What do you do at Truvelle?
I am the Studio Manager, Head of the Quality Control Department, I do the bookkeeping and handle all of the shipping. There are many roles under those titles but I’d say Head of Quality Control is my main job.

Why did you want to work for Truvelle?

I started at Truvelle as an intern in 2014. I went to school for fashion and knew I wanted to work in the field. That experience was a crazy eye opener, I knew I wanted to work here. It was such a great opportunity to be a part of this small company that I knew was going places. I could see myself wearing Truvelle designs — I could see a lot of people wearing Truvelle designs.

Which is your favorite dress?
This is actually so hard. My favorite is… the Carolina, I love the bodice, the fit, the construction, and it looks good on everyone. The style is cool but at the same time still very pretty and dainty. I love all of the customizations that have been done with it. I also really like the Michelle because it's classic and timeless. 

How would you style it?
What is nice about our dresses is that they really speak for themselves. I like our accessories, like the grosgrain ribbon that comes with many of our gowns, it’s so simple and easy to do. I might add one of our beaded belts from the Olivia The Wolf collaboration, or a simple piece of jewelry or a flower crown — they are always super cute to wear with our dresses and block heels! Definitely nothing to take away from the dress.

Gown: Carolina, Flower crown: Oh Dina!, Grosgrain Ribbon: Truvelle, Shoes: Pelle Moda


What do you do outside of work?
I am heavily involved at the youth group at my church. My fiancé is going to school to become a pastor and it’s something we’ve both loved being a part of. When not at youth group, you can find me with my family or friends. Also, I should mention, I am currently planning a wedding which takes up a lot of my time. 

How did the two of you get engaged?
It was quite special, he asked my coworker Rebecca to help. He gave her three letters to give me throughout the day which she very sneakily managed to deliver. Each letter was a cute message. He had planned a date night for us, he was supposed to pick me up from my house but he surprised me at work. From there we went to a coffee shop and gave me a letter. Then he took me to our favourite beach (one of our spots)  where he had a blanket already set up and gave me another letter. We sat there for a bit, but he was so excited and proposed on the spot before he meant to. It was very perfect and very much us.

What do you have planned for your day?
We just want a fun celebration with dancing, really good food and pretty flowers. We will be married in our church in Fort Langley and then our reception will be in my Auntie’s backyard. It's going to be a bit garden-y, but very simple. We will have a popcorn bar. Popcorn is my favourite. We are just very excited to get married and then go to Maui for our honeymoon.

A glimpse at Annie's v secret wedding Pinterest board


What is the best part of working for Truvelle?
The people. It’s soo much fun here. I love everybody I work with. It’s a very laid back environment but at the same time we still know the end goal and when we need to get stuff done. It’s really touching to see everyone come together to jump on to one task and to get it done, it reminds me of family. It's such a fun work group. 

What is your favorite eating spot in Vancouver?
Ben and I love breakfast. In Vancouver, we love Nero Belgian Waffle Bar. One of our favourite places to go in White Rock is The Wooden Spoon Company, they do a French toast thing, with grilled cheese on the toast and a poached egg and syrup. Soo freaking good, it’s my favorite thing.

Current TV show binge watching?
Scrubs, and The Bachelorette Canada (shhh don't tell anyone).

Currently reading?
My emails

Your drink of choice?