October 13, 2016 Staff Feature - Alix

Meet Alix, Truvelle's Head Stylist:


What do you do at Truvelle?
I meet with brides and help them find their perfect dress. That is my main goal and the objective of my role. I am with the bride for the entire process, we spend a lot of time chatting after they've chosen their gown. I also organize local styled shoots, run our Etsy account, post to the Flagship Instagram account and  “beautify” spaces.

Can you expand on that last role?
One day I asked Gaby if I could look into ideas of how to renovate the washroom at the Flagship store and she said yes. She kind of ran with the idea and gave me other spaces to renovate/decorate — I’m currently working on 3 bathrooms.

What do you do outside of work?
Well, right now I am renovating my own house. I spend my nights painting walls and surfing the internet for new decor ideas. When I have the chance I like to weave. I spend a lot of time with my boyfriend, Quentin. He has a broken wrist right now but he is helping me out with renovations. He is super handy. Right now he is cutting baseboard on his lap with one hand. I spend a lot of time adoring my cat, Sushi and telling her how adorable she is. She killed a bunny rabbit the other night.
A glimpse of Alix's deco moodboard


What is the best part of working for Truvelle?
The best part is the people. I love everybody that I work with and that is super important. With my job I basically get a new barbie doll to dress up everyday. I get to experience really happy emotions and this really exciting time with them. It doesn't get boring seeing someone ecstatic to find their wedding dress.

Which is your favorite dress?
It is hard for me to choose because I see them on different people everyday. I have to go with today’s current obsession because, it does change daily. Today, I am really into the Brianna and the Carolina. Everyone makes the dress look different, they wear it a bit differently and that makes me appreciate each dress. From the new collection though, I’d say the Cambie, the Carrall and the Hamilton.

How would you style it?
The nice thing about the Brianna is that you can honestly wear it with anything and that's why I love it, it’s a blank canvas. Right now I’m really into thick jewelry, like the Olive earrings by Catherine Hartley, I like the contrast between the thick metal jewelry and a wedding gown. I have seen people wear it with badass strappy boots, but I’m also really into chunky sandals at the moment. You could also do a really cool back necklace with it, not quite a body chain but something with a drop on the back.  It also looks really good with our Rivington veil, fingertip length.

 Gown: Brianna, Earrings: Catherine Hartley, Necklace: Etsy, Veil: Rivington, Shoes: LOQ


What are some of your favorite things?
Indian food — specifically Dal Makhani; Dusters — you can wear a dustier with everything, cropped coat not so much; always black shoes; my rings — I cannot leave my house with all my rings on.

What is your favorite eating spot in Vancouver?
I really like East is East for modern Indian food. Heirloom is great because I am a pescatarian, It's the one opportunity that I can have absolutely anything on the menu and it’s so good. They do brunch almost all day, I love brunch.

What are you listening to?
Right now, Solange. This morning, Star Shaped Heart by Atmosphere. I am always going to love the song Enter the Game by Marion Cotillard and anything eighties. The only albums I own are 80’s records. I think I have eight Tears for Fears records.

Currently Reading?
Sphinx - Anna Garréta