December 30, 2016 Sophie + Alastair

Words from the photographer, Laura : 

The day :
Sophie and Alastair share a really special love, and at the root of it all is friendship. Every aspect of their wedding was thoughtful and heartfelt. They carried each other through the entire day with a light and authentic disposition, cherishing every moment and just being so true to themselves. It was refreshing to see everyone so connected and mindful in their celebrations. Every detail was designed to reflect their style and not a single detail was overlooked. Surrounded by their closest family and friends, it was easy to see that the love they share for each other is also extended to the people in their lives. They care so much for others, and give everything they’ve got to those around them. As their photographer, I left having gained two new friends and so much inspiration. It’s my passion to tell honest and authentic stories, and this tale might be one of my all time favourites. True love is the best love.

The location :  
The location couldn’t have been more romantic nestled in the rolling blue mountains of Ontario. The day began at Alastair’s family cottage, where we explored the farm and breathed in the fresh Georgian Bay air. The grey and misty sky coupled with the endless horizon offered the perfect backdrop for this intimate and gentle love. Their family and friends came together for the ceremony and reception, on top of the hills overlooking the Georgian Bay. The rain cleared just in time for us to watch the most incredible sunset – it was magical to say the least.

Memorable moments :
At the end of the night, all the guests made a circle of sparklers around Sophie and Alastair while they shared their first dance outside which was BEAUTIFUL. However, the sparklers didn’t last long enough and about half way through the song, it turned pitch black. The only light was the flash of my camera every now and then … the dance felt so intimate and slow, as if time were standing still. Not that I think people should always dance in the dark at their wedding (that would make my job tricky), but something about it was just so beautiful and calm.


Gown : Jordan

Purchased from : Sash & Bustle 

Photographer : Laura Rowe

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