March 23, 2017 Retailer Feature - The White Peony

Meet Trish, owner The White Peony in Victoria:

Story behind your boutique?
I got into bridal on a bit of a whim, admittedly it wasn’t something I’d thought about for too long. Seeing a need for a different kind of bridal shop after having gone wedding dress shopping with a friend in 2011, I thought Victoria needed something different than what was presently being offered at the time. Throughout the next year my sister and I loosely talked about this idea off and on, but always in casual conversation. Then one day, after having had a very hard and trying day at my then job running a licensed childcare business, I decided that was it, I was going to do it. Looking for some sort of change, I was going to go ahead with opening up a beautiful bridal shop.

That evening I drove straight to a local bookstore and bought a book on opening up a small business. I started to piece plans together and fairly quickly The White Peony began to take shape. When opening up a business you of course have to come up with the business plans, projections, funds, and all the other not so fun parts, which I wasn’t fond of at all. But I loved the pretty stuff, and I’d lie awake at night dreaming up the space and what beautiful things I was going to put in it, and that inspiration pushed me though. With the little business experience I had and no retail background, I think my husband hoped I would just stop talking about this crazy idea! But I could already see it done in my mind, and so with a lot of blind faith, and my sister behind me financially, I opened the doors to The White Peony eight months later.

Fast forward 5 years, and here we are! It’s an industry I knew very little about but I’m now so happy to be playing in it.

Bridal Shop

Best part of your Victoria location?
Our boutique is located downtown in the design district of Victoria, surrounded by great neighbours such as Cascadia Bakery and Parlor Hair Boutique. Around the corner from us you’ll find the gorgeous home furnishings store Chintz and Company, a most inspiring place to spend time, as well as Jam Café, with its infamous breakfast line-up. Our bridal shop is situated in an early 1900’s heritage building, and our space has soaring ceilings, exposed brickwork, and a beautiful spiral staircase. I could live in this shop, and often we’re told others wished they could, too!

How did you discover Truvelle?
I first heard of Truvelle in the fall of 2013 when I received an email from the designer Gaby, introducing herself and asking if I might be interested in doing a trunk show with her and her gowns. From that first bit of correspondence I knew I was going to like her, and I loved that her dresses were locally made in Vancouver. We set a date and that December we hosted our very first Truvelle trunk show. We picked up her collection pretty much then and there, and in doing so became the first Truvelle retailer. I am constantly in awe, though not at all surprised, of Gaby’s amazing successes since that time. We rave about her and Truvelle to all our brides, we love them so.

Victoria Bridal Shop

Do you have a favourite Truvelle gown?
Carrall! Carrall! Carrall! Just adore that dress. Another favourite would be the Natalie, a style so well-loved by our brides.

How would you style the Carrall?
Carrall would be perfect just about anywhere, though I’d love to style her in an intimate, oceanside elopement here on the west coast with bare feet, beachy hair, and big, beautiful blooms. Make-up would be complete with a pretty berry lip and soft smokey eye, and for jewelry some stacked Leah Alexandra gold cuffs.

Truvelle carrall gown

Dress: Carrall, Cuffs: Sydney Hammered Cuffs by Leah Alexandra, Big Blooms: Mary Lennox

Your wedding?
I was married 13 years ago, before Truvelle was on the scene, though I for sure would have been a Truvelle bride. I love the understated, romantic vibes of these dresses, and for my 10 year wedding anniversary I choose to wear the Julia dress to a celebration we had. I felt so pretty in that waterfall skirt!


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