May 11, 2017 Turning 30 with Randa Salloum

One of our hometown faves is hitting a pretty cool milestone this week, so we decided to make it a bit of a deal with an early bday present from our Social Attire collection. Vancouver style writer, Randa Salloum, took her new Alder jumpsuit for a spin to give us a few wardrobe tips, and while she was at it, taught us a thing or two of what she’s learned in the past three decades.



Don't overthink everything.

“I’ve learned to let things fall into place and find the beauty in simplicity.”

“I love that this outfit speaks for itself,” she says. “It’s all in the simple and delicate details. Instead of competing with my Alder piece, the minimal accessories act to compliment the look as a whole.”

Effortlessness, simplicity, minimalism—these are all things we value too.



Choose quality over quantity. 

“I like to know that I’m wearing a well-made piece with top quality fabric and construction that will stand the test of time.” Randa shows us how to pair the Alder with other items made to last.

“The YSL bag has been a coveted item of mine for years and I finally took the plunge into this future family heirloom. I paired it with my mother’s two-tone jewelry for the best of both worlds.”

As the makers of a woman’s most important outfit, we are all about creating timeless pieces worth holding onto.



Dress for yourself.

“My favourite duo, black and white! A delicate piece like the Alder can be paired with a more edgy item like a moto jacket”—we couldn’t agree more.

“I love that my oversized jacket is the emphasis of this look, without distracting from the design of the Alder. The two together speak to both sides of my style perfectly.”

We love seeing people embrace our designs with their own unique style. Our garments are made to highlight the person wearing them, not the other way around.



“Is it acceptable to wear pants for occasions that you would typically wear a dress? I don’t know, but I'm gonna do it.”  

And to that, we give a resounding YES.



Visit Randa's blog to read more of her life lessons learned at 30.