January 26, 2017 May + Russell

Words from the Photographer, Dawn :

May & Russel had the perfect mix throughout the day, starting off with a beautiful Vietnamese Tea Ceremony with their families which was full of colour and tradition, to a secret Oasis in the Columbia Gorge for a beautiful ceremony, canoe rides and a party to end off the night. The entire day was wonderful. 

May had asked me a week before their wedding, if we would be able to sneak off to a nearby waterfall for their first look. Their day was running a bit late, as does every wedding, and no matter what I was determined to make this happen for her. My second photographer and I drove to Latourell Falls in separate cars, got Russell to the waterfall waiting for May, and watching May walk up to him and seeing all her dreams come true was an absolute perfect moment.

Bridal Veil Lakes is such a beautiful venue. It’s so full of natural beauty, and depicts a very Pacific Northwest Look. The lake, the canoes, flowers everything, tons of trees, and the perfect open view of the Columbia Gorge! May & Russel really wanted something beautiful, outdoors and special. Its hard not to be a Bridal Veil Lakes and not be in awe of its beauty. 

My favorite photos are of May and Russel in the tunnel of trees alongside the Lake. It was so nice to take them away from the crowds, and see them celebrate their love and marriage. 

Dress : Michelle

Purchased from : The Dress Theory Seattle

Photography by : Dawn Photo

Location : Bridal Veil Lakes

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