November 22, 2016 Made Tru, For you

At the Truvelle garment studio, we make our gowns to order. They’re not ready-made and they’re not custom, so where does that leave us? Here is a little glimpse …


Made in Vancouver wedding dresses

In possibly the least romantic but simplest terms, “made-to-order” means that a Truvelle piece does not go into production until we have an order sheet in our hands. This allows a more intimate connection with our bride and her experience. For mama Earth, it means we create minimal waste by eliminating the opportunity for dead stock that awaits being sold.

We are working towards something more meaningful than endless garment production. We create with purpose. Slow fashion if you will, but our team is anything but slow; this group of talented creatives knows exactly what they’re doing, and though they put time and care into every garment they make, they do it without haste. We think Annie said it best in our latest Staff Feature: “ It’s a very laid back environment but at the same time we still know the end goal and when we need to get stuff done.” The reality is, we know that each piece we make is one that will share in some of your biggest moments. We don’t take that responsibility lightly.

handmade wedding dresses

Each gown is designed with a familiar yet fresh style, textiles are chosen carefully, and patterns are hand-drawn and perfected by our team before a dress goes into production. Once ordered, all of the fabric for your gown is hand-cut to size. These pieces are then given to one of our garment technicians to build and sew. The gown is fine-tuned to meet our high standards, the final details done by needle & thread. The completed piece is checked for perfection before being wrapped and shipped to you.

Custom designs are made to your exact measurements and specifications, typically done in person with multiple consultations and fittings. With our ever-growing output and brides from all over the globe, we keep our dresses at set sizes and styles. With that said, our brides are able to customize their Truvelle gown from the vast menu of past collection designs. You want this bodice with that skirt? We got you.

Though we are growing, we are forever committed to keeping our entire process local. We’re not going anywhere, and neither are our values. Our brides are our top priority, and so we’ll continue to make nothing but our best — one dress at a time.

Made in Vancouver wedding dresses

 Text and photos by Truvelle's lovely Eco-Specialist, Sara.