March 16, 2017 Made Tru - Alexandra Lee

We knew we had to do a feature on Alexandra Lee the minute we launched our Made Tru campaign, but it wasn’t until we had the chance to get to know the girl behind the killer Insta photos, that we discovered the entirely new list of reasons why this rad chick was truly, #madetru. 

Alex is a Vancouver creative with awesome style proven through a notable Instagram feed and aesthetic. But really, that bio barely scratches the surface as she encompasses a ton, if not all that our Made Tru campaign is about.When not at work as a visual merchandiser for the Vancouver-born womenswear retailer, Aritzia, you can find Alex working her creativity and overall cool girl vibes in support of small, local businesses.

Self-described on her Insta bio as “Human of Vancouver” couldn’t be a more accurate summary, as Alexandra encompasses exactly that in her day-to-day. With half of her time dedicated to doing her fashion thing in the city, she spends the other half outside of it, where she’s able to stretch her legs in the cityside mountains.

Alexandra let us steal a morning out of her busy schedule, and wander about one of her (and our) favourite parts of the city - Gastown while show us just how she would wear some of our Social Attire pieces in her everyday.

bridesmaids jumpsuitGetting her creative comfy on in the Juniper jumpsuit from our Social Attire collection.

“ I love promoting smaller, local companies. When I feel strongly about a product or service, I truly do my best to support them throughout all channels and have built many great friendships with inspirational small-business owners while doing so. I strive to promote only that which I feel I can stand behind with confidence.”

vancouver based

“ I've always been into fashion - I've been collaging, mood-boarding, and sewing since middle school. I love the versatility of the industry and thrive on creating; visual merchandising, along with Instagram, allows me that freedom and constantly keeps me challenged & stimulated.”

local influencer

A's tips for gaining a notable Instagram following: “ Be authentic and go easy on the hashtags. Connect with other ‘Influencers’ (although I'm not a fan of the term) within your city and be consistent with your content. Some IG'ers content is definitely geared towards maximizing engagement, whereas for me, Instagram is a platform to create an overall aesthetic. I love that I have people who are following alongside this journey."

reception dress in gastownPutting the cool and casual into an outfit with our Poppy dress.

“ I thrive on a busy lifestyle, but also make sure to get a healthy balance of girl-time! I have some amazing gals in my life who keep me sane and whole.”

vancouver bridesmaids dresses

“ My favourite piece of the [Social Attire] collection is the Poppy dress. I love the minimalist elegance and soft volume of this piece. I would style it with dainty, silver jewels and strappy nude heels for a formal event. For a daytime look, I'd pair the Poppy with an oversized trench and slides - minimalist and easy!”

Sipping a peppermint latte in the Calla dress at Revolver cafe.

“I'm typically up at 5:30 to start my work day and am thankful for a (mostly) set schedule. I don't have any morning rituals other than ensuring I eat a balanced breakfast, no matter what time in the morning. I need it to kickstart my day! I always love to squeeze a workout in on my days off - but normally find myself doing some sort of creative collaboration or reading.”

gastown, vancouver

“ I enjoy getting out of the house during the daytime - I spend the majority of my time downtown & love trying new, healthy places to eat.”

handmade bridesmaid dress vancouverTaking our Daphne to Vancity rooftops, where weekend activities are in clear view.

“ I'm also a big fan of hiking & any type of high-intensity workouts or classes (kickboxing!). I love the Sea-to-Sky trail, as well as the Grouse Grind or St. Marks Summit.”

canadian made dresses

“ The Social Attire pieces will play into my wardrobe as elevated & feminine additions. I love the versatility of either dressing it up for an evening event, or styling it with modern casuals for the daytime.”

To see who Alexandra Lee’s collaborating with next, follow her on Instagram, and while you’re at it, follow along with our campaign through the hashtag #madetru.