June 1, 2017 Horoscope - June


Special family events and gatherings are highlighted for you all throughout the month of June. The more you participate, the happier you will be. Every family party needs a person to plan the games, create the fun, and get everyone motivated to play along. This special person is you! Appreciation and love surround you all. 


Your energy is high and lady luck is with you during the first half of June. After the 15th, you will have to work hard to prove yourself. Authority figures will be expecting more out of you than you may be able to produce. Your great ideas and extra efforts will pay off if you stay devoted and don’t let the pressure get to you. Think of the pressure as a challenge that you can easily conquer.


If you want the people around you to act more responsibly, then give them words of encouragement and not criticism. The more you guide them, teach them, and encourage them with kindness, the more they will want to do what you think that they should. Everyone needs appreciation and encouragement… even you!


Changes come in all forms for you. Don’t worry, dear Cancer, these will be exciting and positive too. A friendship turns into something much more. A change of career or residence is also possible in your near future.


Be aware of how powerful you can be and use this power productively. Be careful of losing your temper or feeling that you have to be right all of the time. You can have what you want without being demanding. Cooperation begins within you. See if you can enjoy doing some special activities all by yourself this month. When you are at total peace within yourself, then everyone else will be more at peace with you too.


Get creative! You can have so much fun when you are inspired. Start some new projects that you will enjoy. This is also a great time to make some extra cash with an idea that you have. This could be an invention, writing a book, selling a product that you have made, or just having a yard sale. It’s also a good time to get your body in shape again. A daily evening walk with a special companion could easily do the trick and it couldn’t hurt your romantic life either.


Young married Libra’s may want to start having children. Older Libra’s just seem to want their own peaceful space. Love is important to the young and the young at heart. Balance both your need for love with loving yourself first. What you desire isn’t far away, when you take the time to meditate and pray. Focus on what you desire and balance your emotions as much as you can. Frustration will only cause delays. Find a positive way to release your stress from your life for good.



Detach from what you no longer need in your life. It is now time to simplify everything. Whether the clutter is in your home or in your mind, sort it all out and let it go. Peace comes to you through allowing it to come from first calming your mind. Get out of your own way. Stop the internal chatter your mind makes by filling your mind with peaceful thoughts. Get some sunshine on your face and accept all social invitations that come your way. Get out of your rut and get ready for some fun!



Trips around water will be most pleasurable for you. Outdoor activities with family and children are highlighted. Schedule yourself lightly and plan to take a vacation this month if possible. You don’t have to go far to have fun. A local park, amusement center, or even your own backyard will do. Homeowners who do not own a pool yet could easily be talked into purchasing one now. Don’t worry… it will be a great investment for the whole family.



Stretch your body so that your mind can become more flexible too. The kids are out of school now and the noise may be more than you can handle. Even if you don’t personally have children, there will seem to be plenty of children around you. Those of you who adore children will have plenty of fun now. Remember dear Capricorns… you are old when you are young and you seem to get younger when you are older. Tap into your inner-child and have some fun — you deserve it! Barbecues, waterparks, parties of all kinds, and celebrations are highlighted for you this month.



You think too much… give it a rest already! What you desire will come to you… so relax! Quit looking over your shoulder, your past is over and this month starts a whole new beginning for you. You could bump into a special someone who will become a great friend, companion, or possibly even more. This person will be different than anyone you have ever known. An intelligent and fun person ready to have a great time with you.


What you once thought was a problem, turns into a blessing. Everything happens for a reason and now you will finally know what those reasons are. Like fresh clean sheets hanging on the line to dry in the sun… freshness is also coming into your life now too. Where you once cried tears of sadness, you can now cry tears of joy. Whatever area of your life that needs healing, it will be done. Why? Because you have grown and have more knowledge and inspiration than ever before! June is an important turning point in your life.


Illustrations by Jordan Cooper

Words by Truvelle Stylist, Alix.