June 6, 2017 Gift Guide - For the Wedding Party

Finding the perfect gift for your wedding support crew can take a lot of brainpower. We're willing to bet your brain could use a little break during the wedding planning — so here are few ideas for gifting your fam and besties.

"Thank you for all the fun times"

For the person who, no matter what, kept you distracted from oncoming stress with an upbeat attitude. The Atari Flashback handheld will do the trick!

"Thanks for keeping it all together"

For the one who held it down through it all — an elegant hair pin.

"Thank you for being so handy"

We think your go-to bestie for all the DIY projects would appreciate a rad pocket knife.

"Thank you for keeping me looking sharp"

Everyone could use a sweet little comb, especially your #1 personal stylist.

 "Thank you for having great taste"

 For that person who always had your back with a glass of vino.

"Thank you and stay fresh"

Stick with us here — your freshest buds are going to love a new luxe cleanser.

"Thank you for always being a sweetie pie"

Chocolate is never the wrong choice, especially when its a Compartes chocolate bar.

And sometimes just a simple card is enough like this sweet find from Poketo.


Cover image: Pebble Flasks