June 20, 2017 Gentry + Timothy

Words from the bride, Gentry:

"Tim and I met in my dormitory's study room during our freshman year in college at the University of Texas at Austin — a chaotic time of "finding" oneself and meeting hundreds of new people. Coming from a small town in West Texas, I was in a season of being completely overwhelmed. In my first conversation with Tim I felt a strange comfort with him. I proceeded to develop an insane crush on him for the next year and a half as we became good friends, hanging in hammocks with friends, playing guitar around campfires, and eventually going on our first date on December 19th, 2013. I was the wild one, he was the careful one — It was perfect.

After 3 wonderful years of thrilling adventures, Tim took me down by the river of Riesen Park in San Saba, Texas. We walked the sunlit path to the river. He was tensely quiet. I wondered if something was wrong until we crossed the wooden bridge and I saw the bank where stone steps led down to the water under a massive oak tree. It was covered in sunflowers — my favourite. I was in a daze. This was something I had looked forward to with him for over a year, and he surprised me so well. He held my hand down to the bank, read through his journal entries to catch me up to how we got to this point, and to express his certainty in this, and he got on one knee to ask me to be his wife. I tearfully and breathlessly said, "of course!”

It did not take me long to find that the Nicolet was perfect for my wedding day and vision. I knew when I walked into the bridal boutique that I wanted a long, magical, chiffon skirt that moved freely and mystically. When I put on the Nicolet dress, I felt like myself. I saw the entire vision of myself getting married to Tim in the gardens of Laguna Gloria, and it felt natural. I told my family I didn't want to take it off — and figured that that was a good sign."


Dress: Nicolet, with customized lace straps

Purchased from: Blue Bridal Boutique in Austin

Photographed by: Leeann Funk Photography

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