March 9, 2017 Fox & Flourish x Truvelle Flagship Workshop

During this hands-on two hour class, everyone learned the basics of modern lettering with a brush for the first time in the Truvelle Flagship. The best part about this workshop was the fact that no one needed previous experience in any form of calligraphy. Plus, all of the needed tools were supplied. The Brush Lettering Kit included essential script writing tools, instructional worksheets, and practice paper -  all lovingly assembled in the Fox and Flourish studio. There seemed to be a common theme amongst the group, with many holding the professional title of graphic designer. I mean, it made sense. Why not further some of your career skills and nibble on Pocky sticks while you're at it? Even with all of this concentration and precision, there was time for many laughs.

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Workshop host : Fox and Flourish

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