February 9, 2017 Found - Vol.2

Some V day-themed goodies because we've got love on the brain.


Red = the colour of love, and we should all be wearing more of it. The Off Shoulder Knit by NY-based, Orseund Iris.


What's more romantic than the perfect couch? The Howard Sofa by Egg Collective.


When Valentine's Day is really just about you & your BFF. Lookbook by House Dress.


Date night in essentials: Rose quartz Pom Pom Slippers by Folk Fortune.  


 Ethical lingerie set, need we say more? Bra and High Rise Panty by Pansy.


I mean, we say we don't want jewels, but we'd never turn em down. Oval Ring Perlée Dorée by Anissa Kermiche.


For giving, why not 'freaky blooms for cool buds' by Serpent Botanical? (Pictured: collaboration with Chris Dammeyer).


Boobs Rug, just because.


Your newest romance: a line of seven-free nail polish by jeweller, J. Hannah. Ghost Ranch by J. Hannah. 


 And lastly, a cute little home for all the flowers from bae. Donut Vase by Natalie Weinberger Ceramics.