February 14, 2017 Dianne + Rob

Words from the photographers, Ryan + Heidi:

Dianne and Rob decided to have an intimate wedding on the opposite side of the world, on the Amalfi Coast. Living in Australia, they wanted to provide a memorable trip for both of their immediate families. They each got ready in small hotel roomsfull of character and vibrant colours in the heart of Amalfi. In a small town near the coast called Scala, they managed to get the local government to open up a site that holds the ruins of Basilica Sant'Eustachio for their ceremony. It was pure magic. The ceremony was held in English as well as Italian to ensure everything was done properly and legally according to Italian law. After the ceremony we all hopped onboard a boat that was waiting for us and rode up and down the coast for sunset. The light was perfect and it was an incredible way to experience this part of the country. When we returned to land we snuck Rob+Dianne out to a small lookout near the reception, to an old monastery up in the hills. The small group of family and friends ate and drank into the night. The whole wedding day was simply perfect.

Experiencing the ceremony in the ruins of a medieval Basilica in Scala was the most special. The only way to even get to it was a quarter-mile walk down a long stone path. The whole thing was almost too good to be true.

So many things made the location amazing. But perhaps the easiest thing to overlook was just how incredible Rob+Dianne and their family were. It was a very small group, so it didn't take long for Heidi and I to feel like we were part of the gang. By the end of the night, we had built a wonderful connection with them all and we are honour ed to call them friends. They made it so much fun for us to work and capture some great images.

Gown : Nicolet

Photographer : Forged in the North

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