March 28, 2017 Consultation Tips x The Truvelle Stylists

It isn't everyday that you try on wedding dresses, so it's probably fair to say that you may not know exactly what you are getting into. The Truvelle Stylists believe it really can be like most shopping experiences, but a touch more special and are sharing their top tips on how to best get into those fancy outfits.

A L I X / /

Try on dresses without a bra

I couldn’t recommended enough not to wear a bra while trying on wedding dresses. When you think about it you won’t be wearing one on the day of, so why not try to achieve the full look. Besides, most bridal wear acts like a giant bra anyways.

In the Dressing room

Starting off with five picks not only helps with physical space, but mental space as well. This way when you re-approached the selection you’ve used your time wisely to go after all the styles available and have gained new knowledge to help you go forward. 

The small things

This is something we all struggle with! Zeroing in on that one thing you are not feeling on a dress is a distraction from all its potential. Looking at the big picture and picking key components is very helpful. Plus, Truvelle offers a variety of customizations for each dress — chances are we can switch out the bit you are aren’t feeling for something else!


M E R E D I T H / /

Limit your 'entourage' to your closest friends and family

I feel it is best to keep the appointment group on the smaller side, too many opinions can be overwhelming.  A nice alternative to include others would be meeting them for a post appointment meal or drink.

Speaking of food

If you are planning to do a couple appointments in a day, be sure to give yourself enough time to refuel and relax in-between. Consultations tend to run for an hour and a half, which can feel like forever if you skipped breakfast.

Encouraging Crew

Gown shopping can be sometimes more emotional and stressful than anticipated, it’s important to have a someone there to keep your spirits high.

 A M B E R  / /


Having a budget in mind and researching store price ranges before booking an appointment can save a lot of time. It also helps to get an idea of what dress styles you are interested in. Each store has their own vibe which usually caters to a certain style and demographic.

Being open minded

Once you have found yourself a store that fits your aesthetic, be open to all the styles available there. For your first round of picks opt for as many different styles as possible. It is often surprising what ends up being 'the one'.


Bridal accessorizing can seem daunting, because when was the last time you purchased a headpiece? But once you get the hang of finding the brands that suit you, Pinterest and Instagram will be right there to recommend everything else.


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