February 21, 2017 Claire + Adam

Words from the Photographer, Rachel:

The Day:
It was a truly magical, wintery, NYE wedding in the heart of Calgary. Claire and Adam's wedding day was chalk full of selfless love, gently falling snow, and sparkle! As the girls calmly prepared for the wedding day, snow softly began to fall from the sky in a way that you only seem to see in the movies. The girls were relaxed and giggly, and Claire was focused on everyone but herself. She gracefully moved from room to room making sure everyone else had exactly what they needed for her big day. We navigated the icy sidewalks to the most beautiful and history-filled church. Adam filled with pride as he watched Claire walk down the aisle amongst all of the friends and family, many of which made the very long trip over from Australia, where Adam is from. These two beamed at each other with tears of joy in their eyes the entire day. Their reception was a celebration of love- not just their love for each other, but the love of everyone along the way to this very moment in their lives. They danced the night away and rang in the New Year surrounded by all of their closest friends and family.

Remarkable moments:
The moments where Claire and Adam showed their selflessness throughout the day. Claire doing up bridesmaid dresses with her toothbrush still hanging in her mouth, the way Claire and Adam would reach out to people and squeeze their hands and shoulders to constantly show their love and appreciation, and the way Adam would always make sure Claire had made it safely through any patch of snow or ice. Their love was on display through these quiet and simple moments.

The location:
I live in BC, and snow fall on a wedding day is pretty rare. Traveling to Calgary to document this wedding meant that a white winter wedding was truly guaranteed! Combine that with the beautiful structures that Claire and I scouted out before the wedding — a white barn, red brick fire escape, and a gorgeous downtown city street- and you're guaranteed to make memorable images.



Dress: Brianna customized with the Carolina skirt

Purchased From: Pearl & Dot in Calgary

Photography by: Rachel Barkman Photography

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