October 5, 2016 Artist Spotlight - Ariane Fairlie

Ariane Fairlie is an artist based in Montreal, Canada. Originally from Toronto, she moved to Montreal to complete a BFA at Concordia University in 2014. When not in her shared Mile-End studio or organizing art walks around the neighbourhood, you can find Ariane working alongside fellow artist Zoe Pawlak, as her Studio Manager and right-hand lady. With her most recent series, Bathing Suits, it is very clear that Ariane is a very talented and driven artist in her own right.

“Ariane evokes emotion and character through her 'Clothing Portraiture', and believes clothing as a form of expression is a universally relatable theme, unless you're a very dedicated nudist.

Concerned with concepts of observation and realism, she enjoys the inconsistencies that are the result of translating three dimensions into two; They create a beautiful and dynamic realism, different from what can be accomplished with a two-dimensional reference image. Ariane is interested in the technical challenges of texture/pattern, colour, light, and form.”

We love the visible life Ariane brings to these beautiful, inanimate garments. Our only wish is that she draw one of our gowns next!

Ariane Fairlie Untitled 1Ariane Fairlie WaveCanadian artist Ariane FairlieAriane Fairlie Before The LakeAriane Fairlie SunlitAriane Fairlie Secret Freckles

Ariane Fairlie PeachyAriane Fairlie in her Studio

For more details on the artist and her artworks visit: http://www.arianefairlie.com/